About Usjoel-profile

Thanks for stopping by Blue Creative! I’m Joel Dennis, owner and operator of Blue Creative. Where did Blue Creative come from? Well, I like the color blue and my company does creative work, so it seemed to be a nice fit :).

I’m happy to offer creative services to help business grow in Minot, North Dakota and surrounding areas. I enjoy giving businesses a professional look and feel to pass on to their customers.

I began at an early age with graphic design and photography, and decided to pursue my interests and study art in college. I graduated from Minot State University with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, with a major in art and a specialization in Graphic Design. I also studied photography, video production, 3D animation and mathmatics.

Having been employed at a local advertising agency for over 6 years, I gained valuable knowledge about the industry. I moved on to a larger market to become the Product Branding and Corporate Communications Manager for Geringhoff, a company that sells and distrubutes corn harvesting headers nationwide.

If you have any questions about a possible project, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I look forward to working with you!


– Joel